Kona the Labrador Retriever

It is hard to avoid a flash of pure joy when seeing a picture of a Labrador Retriever puppy.
Whenever you do…
it brings back memories of days gone by when your own Labrador Retriever was “just a pup”.

Growing up is part of the journey, both dogs and people.
Hope that “every one of we pups” can grow up with the love and compassion of a Lab.

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Doesn’t this Little Labrador warm your heart?

My name is Kona. I am named after my mom’s favorite coffee from Hawaii. She says I am more important than her first cup of the morning. I love swimming in the backyard pool, digging in the garden, and, of course, napping. I go for walks every day and enjoy meeting all kinds of neighbors, both human and canine…… See more pics and his story here