Top 3 For Labrador Retrievers

Everything seems better with three…even for Labs.

So, I asked…

What are the top 3’s about Labrador Retrievers?

Consider these:

Top 3 things a Labrador Retriever likes to do?
Answer: Fetch, Swim, Hunt. (Any form of running, chasing, finding is a game for a Labrador Retriever.)

Top 3 eats for a Labrador Retriever?
Answer: Anything, Anything, Anything. (Not good though; owner needs to be sure the Lab gets proper nutrients!)

Top 3 exercises for a Labrador Retriever?
Answer: Of course …Run, Fetch, Swim (Move, move, move.)

Top 3 family activities with your Labrador Retriever?
Answer: Camping, Hiking, Beach Play (getting the whole family involved keeps the family close and the dog closer.)

Top 3 ways to train your Labrador Retriever?

Answer: Soooo…. many ways, try these —
How to teach — Retrieve/Fetch:

A quick game of fetch can burn a lot of energy and Labs have a LOT of energy so this is a good one to begin with. Start by throwing the ball, stick a short distance, and give your Labrador Retriever a return command you plan on always using. When the dog brings the ball back and drops it, praise and provide a treat. Increase the distance every time. If he does not bring the toy back or runs away with it, do not chase him. This game is just as fun for the dog, and he will be happy to have you fetch him instead. You will eventually be able to fade out the treats because having the ball thrown one more time will be enough reward.

How to teach — Down Command:

Labs usually have no problem learning to sit, but for some reason, some Labs struggle with the down command. To get him to lay down, grap atreat and get your dog’s attention showing that you have a treat. Hold the treat out and while you slowly lower it to the ground, say his name followed by the word “down”. The moment the dog’s hocks and elbows touch the ground, praise him, and give the treat. If it is easier, you can also can start from the sit command. The training sessions should be short and repeated throughout the day.

How to teach — Swimming

Most Labs will jump right in water when they are prompted. Some though may be nervous their first time. You should never force your dog into the water. With the dog on a long lead, take him to a shallow water area and let him get used to having his feet wet. Once in the water, confidence will build. If he will not go deep enough to doggie paddle, you might need to help by getting in the water with him. Keep one hand under the belly and the other on the back to keep the dog level. If he panics and goes vertical he won’t be able to propel himself forward, that is why training him to keep his body level is very important.