[VIDEO] Impatient Labrador Retriever Takes Bus?

Eclipse, a black Lab in the Seattle area, has places to be and dogs to sniff.

So this urban dog has learned how to use the city’s metro system to get to the dog park by herself. According to this report by Komo News, Eclipse frequents the local dog park; at first, always with her owner, Jeff Young, until one day when he was taking too long to finish a cigarette break.

Like a true independent city gal, she hopped on the bus herself and got off at the park where Young met her later. Since then, he allows her to go to the park by herself. “She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,” says Young.

(Note: While it may be interesting that this dog knows exactly how to get to the park by herself, we do not recommend owners let their dogs do this. It is not safe to leave your pet unsupervised or allow them to be off-leash, especially in urban settings.)

Watch the full story below.